What We Do.

Together with SA Water, Allwater is committed to supplying excellent and affordable water services to Adelaide metropolitan customers.

Allwater works closely with SA Water to:

  • provide Adelaide's 1.1 million residents safe drinking water
  • treat 80,000 gigalitres of wastewater
  • produce 20,000 megalitres of recycled water - enough to fill 8,000 Olympic-sized pools
  • maintain 9,000km of water mains from Gawler to Myponga
  • maintain 7,200km wastewater network and around 350 pumping stations
  • generate green electricity from biogas produced at the wastewater treatment plants to reduce our consumption of traditional energy
  • supply 35,000 tonnes of bio solids to agriculture farmers each year to improve the soil condition of approximately 7,000 hectares
  • deliver a small program of minor capital works.

each year.

Fast Facts

1 kilolitre (kL) = 1 cubic metre = 1,000 litres

1 Megalitre (ML) = 1,000,000 litres enough water to cover 1 hectare (100m × 100m) to a depth of 10cm

1 Gigalitre (GL) = One thousand million litres of water (one billion) (approx. 400 Olympic-sized pools)

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Inspecting a pit at a wastewater treatment plant